CodonCode Aligner

CodonCode Aligner 9.0

Export samples and protein translations and perform DNA analysis

CodonCode Aligner is a software program that targets genetics research, a domain with high complexity, and is equipped with tools that can be used to realize DNA sequence analysis, detect and assembly sequence mutations, or view informative base traces graphs.

Visually, CodonCode Aligner has pretty basic GUI, comprised of a tab menu and a content area. The tabs lack separation marks, while the content area looks way too empty. On top of that, the font style doesn't seem well-chosen and the font text is quite blurry.

Apart from these inconveniences, the program doesn't have other major flaws. Its functionalities are reliable and can help individuals complete a wide variety of tasks.
You can use the application to receive samples from multiple sources, like Chromatogram files or ABI documents. The projects you've assembled can be loaded and you can extract data from a valid Genbank ID.
Furthermore, users can define their regions of interest, such as low-quality consensus regions, analyze heterozygous insertions and deletions or generate phylogenetic trees and restriction maps.

To conclude, with CodonCode Aligner, either you're a dedicated individual, an academic researcher, or just a genetics enthusiast, you get the whole package for achieving your goals.
However, the price you have to pay it's quite consistent and many of its features require a deep learning curve.

John Saunders
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  • Detects sequence mutations
  • Can generate phylogenetic trees
  • Allows extraction from Genbank ID


  • Requires a deep learning curve
  • Has an expensive price
  • Tabs lack separation marks
  • Has blurry font text
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